what is the best Booster car seat foldable? discover now

Booster car seats are the best safety precaution for children, and you have no choice but to take those seats with you when you are traveling with your kids. But it can be a tiring job for you as these seats do not always allow you to carry them smoothly. On the other hand, a booster car seat foldable is the best solution for parents who are always on the go or have limited storage space in their luggage suite. These seats are designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to store when not in use, making them the best booster car seat in travel. If you are struggling with storage or carrying problems and want to decrease your hassle a little, then you can try these foldable booster car seats.

Here, I demonstrated the features and safety of these foldable and portable booster car seats. Here, I also enlisted the best portable booster sets to ease your journey in buying a booster car seat or safety precaution for your infants, toddlers, or elder child.

what is the best Booster car seat foldable? discover now

How did I pick the best travel booster car seat (Criteria)?

Selecting the best booster car seats for travel is not a cup of tea for many, as a majority of people don’t have a sound idea about those seats and the requirements of a booster car seat. So, I came forward to help you with my expertise in working with these products. I put together a list of the best portable booster car seats, considering some of their basic features.

I primarily considered the safety of foldable seat users and the comfortability of the user, as these are the basic things of a harness booster car seat. If the seat is not safe and comfortable, then what’s the logic behind using a foldable booster or travel booster? Also, the lawful authority denied the use of a booster seat that doesn’t follow child restraint car seat standards, i.e., safety.

Besides, I considered some other features while making the list. These features are compactness, portability, and usability. These are important since compactness and useability relieve the parents from hassle related to child restraint car seats. I swear, if a car seat avails all 5 features, then that would be the safest booster car seat.

The features I considered while making the list are;

1. Safety

2. Comfort

3. Compactness

4. Usability

5. Portability

To get more detailed information on the selection process of a booster car seat, click here.

the top 5 best foldable booster car seats for children

There are plenty of booster car seats, but not all travel booster car seats are safe. So, you must select a booster car seat that can help your child with safety and can be carried easily in a shorter space. Also, the installation process is a basic thing that one should consider. Everyone can have a booster car seat as these seats cost way less than traditional booster car seats. However, keeping all of these things in mind, I’m putting the list here with each seat’s benefits.

These seats are;

1. manifold hold fit-and-fold High-back Booster Seat

2. Ride Safer Travel Vest with Zipped Backpack-Wearable

3. hiccapop UberBoost inflatable booster car seat

4. BubbleBum Travel Car Seat

5. manifold Original grab-and-go Car Booster Seat

#1 mifold hifold fit-and-fold High-back Booster car seat foldable


Pros and cons of mifold hifold fit-and-fold high-back Booster car seat foldable

High-back foldable booster
243 individual settings
Meets FMVSS 213
Fits in a bag

Features of mifold hifold fit-and-fold High-back Booster car seat foldable

Most of the foldable booster car seats are backless, but it makes the difference between them by offering a high-back booster car seat experience. It has some jaw-dropping features, including its 243 individual settings! An award-winning design high-back booster car seat offers all the facilities without hindering the rider’s experience.

Who can use the hifold fit-and-fold High-back?

The booster car seat is designed to carry children between 40 to 59 inches in height. However, you can put your kids inside at the age of 4 or in between 40-100 lbs of weight.

mifold hifold fit-and-fold High-back is an adjustable booster

mifold hifold booster seat is the world’s most adjustable booster, with unique “multi-fit” technology that can be adjusted to 243 individual settings. I have no idea if any other booster has that much combination or not.

The high-back booster fits in your bag!

It is the world’s most portable and foldable high-back booster car seat. Its “multi-fold” system quickly folds the seat down to a compact and convenient size for storage, travel, carpooling, and more. It is also a lightweight booster and includes a convenient carry strap.

hifold is super adjustable and secure for the child

hifold kids booster seat is only a foldable booster car seat that grows with your child. It ensures the optimal level of comfort, keeping pace with their growth. You can fit the car seat accordingly in four areas- the seat, body, head width, and height.

However, it also meets the FMVSS 213 standards and is regulated for worldwide use.

Fit more seats into a comparatively small area.

The booster car seat is a narrow booster that allows the user to fit into a comparatively small place. It fits between two traditional car seats, or you can fit three seats in the backseat of your car easily.

hifold wins multiple awards

This travel booster seat is easy to use and has won many awards, including the 2019 Creative Child Product of the Year Award. Use this car booster seat for older kids, grandparents’ cars, or for fitting three children in a row.


However, you can wash your kid’s booster car seat with a mild solution of soap and water, no bleach.

This is the only stylish foldable high-back booster car seat in the market that can carry children of all ages. The foldable booster car seat doesn’t compromise the safety and comfort of your children by meeting FMVSS 213 and offering multiple combinations. I’ll suggest this seat for those who have small children or multiple children of different ages at home, as it can be used for children from different age groups.

#2 Ride Safer Travel Vest with Zipped Backpack-Wearable


Pros and cons of Ride Safer Travel Vest

Foldable high-back booster
Innovative design
Multiple modes of use

Features of the Ride Safer Travel Vest with Zipped Backpack-Wearable

Usually, kids are bound to sit in a booster car seat; in this sense, this is quite different from traditional booster car seats. This is the only wearable booster car seat on the market. The manufacturer used innovative and revolutionary technology to make this seat more safe for the kids. The newly used technology and the foldability make me put this on the list. 

Ride Safer Travel Vest Gen 5 grows with your child 

Ride Safer Travel Vest Gen 5 has two modes of use- small and large. Basically, these modes are based on the kid’s size and weight. The small mode can be used for children weighing 30 to 60 lbs, while the large mode can fit children weighing 50 to 80 lbs. If your child outgrows the large mode, you can go for the extra-large mode that allows children weighing 80 to 110 lbs to travel with this.

Basically, you can start using this for your children at the age of 3 or when they weigh 30 lbs.

Two ways of use (with rope, without tether)

The Ride Safer booster car seat has two different ways of use. The first way is with a tether belt. Ride Safer can be used with a vehicle lap belt and top tether by securing Ride Safer with a top tether anchor in the vehicle. On the other hand, you can use it only with the vehicle lap and shoulder belts, without a tether belt.

Ride Safer Travel Vest is an unconventional booster

Traditional booster car seats uplift your child to a position where the kids can fit the seatbelts, but this is different. Instead of uplifting, the booster positions a vehicle’s seat belt on your child so it moves with him, maintaining proper belt positioning throughout the ride. It repositions the lap belt below his abdomen, protecting those precious internal organs.

It also has a revolutionary child restraint system that increases safety for the little traveler by optimizing the adult seat belt fit for their body.

However, by keeping your child’s center of gravity low in the vehicle seat, the booster changes crash dynamics and reduces head and knee injuries. Also, it has an innovative energy-absorbing foam that will spread the energy across your child’s whole chest as opposed to the two-inch area of a seat belt.

Meets the federal standards 

Ride Safer Travel Vest is certified for use in motor vehicles. It meets or exceeds all applicable FMVSS 213 requirements and passes through vigorous tests, including- crash test and side crash test. However, you can use this booster in ridesharing, taxi, or rental car.

Ride Safer Travel Vest is a compact and lightweight booster

This is a super lightweight and compact device that allows the rider to take it anywhere with them as it easily stows away in your luggage or even on your child’s backpack. It is simple to pull out and use safely once you arrive at your destination. It weighs only 2.2 lbs!

The Ride Safer Travel Vest is a wearable booster car seat that provides a safe and convenient solution for parents traveling with kids. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for parents who want to avoid the hassle of carrying bulky car seats through airports or while rushing through the terminal to catch their flight.

#3 hiccapop UberBoost inflatable booster car seat


Pros and cons of hiccapop UberBoost inflatable booster

Inflates with only several breathsBackless

features of the hiccapop UberBoost inflatable booster car seat

hiccapop UberBoost inflatable booster car seat breaks the idea of a car seat- heavy and bulky- with its innovative foldable design. It can be inflated with only a few breaths, and the whole process takes only 20 seconds! After use, one can easily deflate it and roll it tightly in its bag. The process has been updated without compromising the safety, durability, and comfortability of the users. This whole thing encouraged me to put this device on my list of best foldable booster car seats.

Portable and packable booster car seat

hiccapop UberBoost inflatable booster car seat is an inflatable car seat that you can simply deflate and carry with its bag without hampering your tour experience. It takes twenty seconds of blowing to inflate and some seconds to deflate. After using this seat, you can deflate it and carry its travel bag, allowing you to carry in suitcases, carry-ons, large purses, or backpacks.  

hiccapop UberBoost is certified as a safe booster car seat

Your child always deserves comfortable and safe travel experiences whenever they are traveling by whatever means- rental cars, school trips, or in a carpool. Keeping things in mind, the company designed the foldable car seats following the FMYSS 213’s prescribed child restraint seat features. To some extent, it exceeds the federal Motor Safety Standards for the USA. 

The hiccapop UberBost comes with a metal belt loop that works with all 3-point seat belt harnesses standard in all vehicles.

Sturdy and stable booster car seat

You can fit this booster car seat firm and steady into any type of seat- on leather, vinyl, or cloth seats. Rigid, double-thick vinyl, steel belt loops, and non-skid silicon base of the seat keep passengers aged between 4 and 11 stable and secure. It is engineered to hold 40 to 110 lbs. It provides stability while riding and limits movement in case of an accident. Its contoured design combined with air-cushion comfort helps create a super-cushy ride you can’t get with hard plastic seats. However, safety, comfort, and style are all things you can get only with a hiccapop booster car seat. 

You can fit more seats as it is a narrow one

It has a narrow yet roomy design for this seat that allows it to fit 3 seats in almost every car’s back seat. You can fit this booster in between two traditional car seats, and as a result, you are getting more space in your car.

Wash your hiccapop UberBoost easily.

Although the easy cleaning process of these booster car sets has been an important feature, some boosters often do not have that opportunity. But this seat is not like that. It is made of durable fabric with a heavy-duty zipper, allowing the user to remove and machine wash it.

This is an inflatable booster car seat that takes only 20 seconds to get ready to carry kids. It would be the best choice for those who have elder kids in their home. Also, people who love traveling will enjoy using the booster for their children as deflated hiccapop fits in a backpack.

#4 BubbleBum Travel Booster car seat foldable


Pros and cons of BubbleBum Travel Booster car seat foldable

Meets FMVSS recommendationsBackless

features of the BubbleBum Travel Booster car seat foldable

BubbleBum Travel car seat is the USA’s first backless inflatable booster car seat with a patented system. It ensures the rider’s safety, stability, and comfortability in every journey while allowing them to take it anywhere effortlessly.

BubbleBum Travel car seat meets FMVSS recommendations

When we are talking about car seat safety, the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard comes first in mind, as it has made those recommendations to ensure a child’s safety in case of a crash. The FMVSS 213 describes how a booster car seat should be. It reads that the child restraints, i.e., booster car seat, must provide proper restraint, manage side crash forces, and protect against harmful head and chest contact with intruding structures. The BubbleBum travel car seat ensures all of these features. 

BubbleBum Travel car seat ensures comfortability of your child

The seat is comfortable for children weighing between 40 to 100 lbs. It has comfy foam padding, a polyester fiver cover, high-density memory foam, and an air chamber that makes the seat more comfortable. The seat comes with a seat belt positioning clip for optimal seat belt fit and comfort.

Patented safety and stability system

BubbleBum is the only inflatable booster seat to feature a patented safety and stability system. The high-density memory foam stabilizes the movement of air, ensuring that the seat maintains its structural integrity. The reinforced harness and toughened nylon side clips connect to the vehicle seat belt, providing optimum seat belt fit and keeping the child firmly in place in the event of a crash.

Take your BubbleBum booster anywhere

As the seat is inflatable, you can carry it anywhere with you in need. It is perfect for car rentals, taxis, vacations, and carpooling. You can put your children on it between 4 and 11 years old. As you can take it with you, ensure your child’s safety in public transportation as well.

Less space needed to install

The BubbleBum travel booster car seat is narrow and compact, which is why it is perfect for the middle seat, including small cars. You can fit this seat between 2 full-size car seats, allowing 3 kids across the back of almost any car.

Multiple award winner

The Award-winning BubbleBum is the first and original inflatable booster seat, helping families since 2010. It is the winner of a ‘Parent Tested Parent Approved Award’ given by PTPA in 2020, as well as a ‘JPMA Innovation Award’ granted by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association in 2020. Your new convenient travel car seat is portable, lightweight, foldable, and kid-durable. It’s perfect for everyday travel, carpools, playdates, cabs, and vacations.

The multiple award-winning BubbleBum foldable booster car seat is one of the best inflatable booster car seats that meet FMVSS 213 standards with its patented safety protocols. If you are a parent of older children, then this would be the best choice for your kid. Moreover, the seat takes a smaller space to get installed, so if you own a small car, you better go for it.

#5 mifold Original grab-and-go Booster car seat foldable


Pros and cons of mifold Original grab-and-go Booster car seat foldable

Fits into your purseOnly for the USA
Optimal level of fitting

features of the mifold Original grab-and-go Booster car seat foldable

This is the world’s most narrow backless booster car seat, allowing you to take it anywhere on your hand. Its compactness, portability, and safety features make me put this on the list. It is a booster that you can fit into any type of car seat without hassle. It could be the best car booster seat for traveling abroad.

mifold Original grab-and-go Car Booster Seat dimensions

The forward-facing booster car seat is designed for children aged 4 or at least 40 lbs. Your child can sit on it until they cross 100 lbs or are between 40 and 57 inches in height. An open mifold measures 8.4 inches long, 9.3 inches wide, and 14.75 inches in height, while the folded mifold seat measures 2, 10, and 5 inches, respectively.

Go with grab-and-go Car Booster wherever you want 

Mifold booster car seat is the most compact car seat booster in the world. It is 10 times smaller than the traditional booster car seats. It is so compact that it fits into a child’s backpack, glove box, or parent’s handbag, making it perfect for carpooling, as a travel booster, and much more. It weighs only 1.7 lbs!

It keeps your children secure

The seatbelt fitting is one of the most basic features of a booster car seat, and the mifold meets its optimal level fitting. Instead of lifting your baby, the grab-and-go car seat adjusts the adult seatbelt by pulling it down to fit the child safely and securely.

It has been tested safe for the children, meeting or exceeding all NHTSA standard FMVSS 213. However, this booster is only for use in the USA and is not for the international version.

Easy washable booster

The booster is super easy to wash as it allows its user to wash with water or without water- dry wash. You can wash its surface with a mild solution of soap and water, not bleach, and wipe it with clean water to remove soap.

This is a booster car seat that you can carry in your parts! It’s the most foldable booster car seat I ever saw. But considering the comfortability, it lacks something. Moreover, this device can be used only in America. So, if you travel outside of the country, you better avoid it.


If you love traveling with your family, then I must say, buy your kid’s safety precautions without delay. Otherwise, your child would remain highly vulnerable throughout the tour. Remember, putting your child properly in a booster car seat is the basic duty of parents while traveling. If you don’t own a car or if you want to move more easily with your children, then the foldable booster car seats are the best solution for you. The boosters above are the best travel boosters, as all of them meet the FMVSS 213 standards. 

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